"Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting Opens Doors to Close Deals!"

Dennis Sweeny was recently interviewed by the Kansas City Business Journal. Follow this link to read the article, then give us a call talk to about how we can open doors for your company.

Featured Project

Mold Manufacturer
40 Million
Tyco Healthcare, Baxter Healthcare, Abbott Labs, & Smith Medical
Sell mold building services to industries outside of core business.

Customer Quotes

I have no hesitation in recommending you for developing new marketing strategies or to improve current marketing strategies for other businesses.  I feel confident that your skills and knowledge would benefit any business, large or small.

Jamie Balarashti
ARE Labs

Within a 6 month time period, I had tasked Dennis with securing meetings with several fortune 500 companies, some of the world’s largest energy companies.  Dennis was able to get meetings setup in a very short period of time with the decision maker who had active projects and we were able to close business within a year’s time frame.  I am very pleased with my decision to bring Dennis on, he has performed!  Excellent work Dennis.

Michael Bequette
Shafer, Kline & Warren, Inc.

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